Although we have had to adjust because of coronavirus (COVID-19), our sexual health and HIV services are here for you.

Sexual health

If you have no symptoms or mild symptoms, such as burning when you pee, order a home STI testing kit. Please see below for what to do depending on where you live:

• Bromley and most other London boroughs: visit the Sexual Health London website (the kit will be delivered discreetly to your home and you will get your results within four days).
• Croydon: visit the Croydon Sexual Health website.
• Bexley or Greenwich: visit the Check Urself website.

Book an appointment for a telephone call-back through the telephone consultation booking page to speak to one of our clinicians for sexual health-related concerns, including if:

  • you have symptoms of a sexually transmitted infections such as penile or vaginal discharge
  • you have noticed a rash or lumps/bumps around your genitals
  • you are worried about your sex life, relationships or drug use and want to access our wellbeing services
  • you have a flare up of genital herpes
  • you would like to discuss Hepatitis B or HPV vaccination

The clinician will support you with advice to manage your concerns and may book you in for an appointment in clinic if needed.

You can also contact our reception team directly for an appointment on 01689 866622 during our usual opening hours.

Our emergency walk-in service can be used during our usual opening hours (as below) if:

  • you have been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours
  • you have had unprotected sex in the last 120 hours and need emergency contraception (emergency contraception is also available from local pharmacies)
  • you have been sexually assaulted or are feeling unsafe (if the sexual assault has happened recently, you can also get help from The Havens, specialist centres in London for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted)
  • you have learning difficulties
  • you are 17 or younger
  • you have new lower abdominal pain
  • you have a new pain or swelling of your testicles
  • you have painful genital ulcers, blisters or cuts


If you live in Bromley and need contraception, contact your GP or visit Sexual Health Bromley.

If you live in another borough, contact your GP or local sexual health service.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)

If you have been using PrEP or are interested in starting PrEP, please contact our reception team on 01689 866622 to discuss further.

More information on PrEP can be found at the I Want PrEP Now website.

Abortion (termination of pregnancy)

If you are thinking of having an abortion, please call the Central Booking Service on 0345 345 9911 as soon as possible. Abortions are simpler and safer the earlier they are carried out. For more information go to the NHS website.

HIV clinic

Please attend clinic for a face-to-face appointment for your usual HIV care, including blood tests, unless we have contacted you to advise otherwise.

New patient appointments

We continue to offer face-to-face appointments to people who are newly diagnosed. If you have had a positive HIV test, you can refer yourself to us by emailing In the email please include your name, contact details, date of birth, and the date that you took the test. Your GP or other healthcare provider can also refer you.


Please give at least four weeks’ notice if you need a repeat prescription of your antiretroviral medication. Prescriptions will be done as per your regular schedule and can be supplied either by home delivery or by collection from the Beckenham Beacon Outpatient Pharmacy.

To arrange a repeat prescription, please phone reception on 01689 866622 or contact the Bromley HIV CNS Team on 01689 866647.

Urgent queries

If you have an urgent HIV-related query please call us Monday to Friday during our opening hours (see below) on 01689 866622.

Non-urgent queries

If you have a non-urgent HIV-related query, please contact the Bromley HIV CNS team on 01689 866647. Please leave a message if your call is not answered. This answerphone is checked daily, Monday to Friday.

Opening hours

  • Monday: 9am to 4.15pm
  • Tuesday: 11am to 6.15pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm to 6.15pm
  • Thursday: 8am to 3.15pm
  • Friday: 8am to 3.15pm

We are closed on weekends and bank (public) holidays.

For GPs and referrers

Patients can self-refer to us.

GPs and other health professionals can refer by emailing Send one referral per email and include patient and GP practice details.