We carry out a wide range of non-invasive tests at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) using the latest technology to help diagnose heart conditions.

We also run the Cardiac Rhythm Management clinic, providing care for patients who have cardiac rhythm devices such as pacemakers.


The main tests we carry out are:

Transthoracic echo (TTE)

TTE is an ultrasound scan of your heart that enables us to see your heart muscle and valves and how they are working. You may have this test after being given a drug or while on an  exercise treadmill.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An ECG records the electrical activity that triggers each heartbeat. Small patches (electrodes) are attached to your body and connected to an ECG machine.

Exercise tolerance test (ETT)

During an ETT we use an ECG to record your heart’s electrical activity while you are exercising.

24-hour ambulatory ECG monitoring

24-hour ambulatory ECG monitoring records your heart’s electrical activity while you are doing your normal activities. Electrodes are attached to your chest and connected to a small lightweight recorder on a belt which you wear round your waist.

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)

During ABPM you wear a small blood pressure monitor and cuff which take regular readings while you are doing your normal activities.

Preparing for your appointment

  • Your doctor will tell you whether you need to stop taking any of your medications before a test. We will also send you sent information about this in your appointment letter.
  • If you are having an ETT, do not have a heavy meal within one hour of the test. Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable to exercise in. If you take beta blockers, stop them 48 hours before your test, unless told not to stop by your cardiologist.
  • If you are having 24-hour ambulatory ECG or blood pressure monitoring, you will not be able to have a bath or shower while you are wearing the recorder.


Princess Royal University Hospital:

Cardiology tests and investigations, tel: 01689 863107 or 01689 863126

For GPs and referrers

To refer, email kch-tr.br-cardiology-diagnostics@nhs.net. Send one referral per email and include patient and GP practice details.