We care for patients at Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) with serious or life-limiting illnesses. Our goal is to achieve the best quality of life for our patients and their families.

We treat any patient with advanced disease, including:

  • cancer
  • motor neurone disease
  • cardiac, liver or renal failure.

The palliative care team includes consultants, clinical nurse specialists and psychosocial workers. They work in all areas of the hospital including outpatients.

All patients we see remain under the care of their ward team, while we provide a specialist advisory service that:

  •  supports you and your family and carers to help you manage your illness
  • helps you to manage your symptoms, such as pain, sickness and breathlessness
  • explains the treatment options you may be offered
  • offers information on social, practical and financial issues
  • provides specialist advice to those involved in planning your discharge from hospital
  • offers bereavement support and follow-up.

As part of King’s Health Partners, we are actively involved in teaching and research to improve the quality of care we provide.

For GPs and referrers

This service is available only for internal departments at the PRUH. To refer a patient, please contact us on the number below.

GPs and other referrers outside of King’s should complete the pan-London specialist palliative care referral form.

Patients referred to us often have a limited prognosis and the focus of their treatment will usually have changed from curative to palliative. However, early referrals for patients on active treatment, given with palliative intent, are encouraged.