We provide a full inpatient and day case pain management service at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and chronic pain outpatient clinics at Orpington Hospital and Beckenham Beacon.

The inpatient pain team at the Princess Royal sees and advises patients with acute or chronic conditions including back pain, pancreatitis and abdominal pain, and after surgery.  The team also provides a telephone follow-up service for some patients who have been seen and treated in the chronic pain clinic.

The outpatient chronic pain team sees and advises patients with chronic (long-term) conditions such as back pain, abdominal pain and joint pain, including knee and hip.

Therapies offered include:

  • education on how to manage pain
  • painkilling medication (analgesia)
  • TENS
  • injections such as trigger point and nerve blocks
  • day case procedures such as epidural steroid, lumbar plexus blocks, thoracic paravertebral block, scar infiltration, facet joint injections, radio frequency treatment
  • referrals for other therapies such as physiotherapy and pain management programmes.

Preparing for your appointment

Please bring with you:

  • a list of the medications you are currently taking
  • letters about your condition from other hospitals
  • any scan results.


Princess Royal University Hospital

Pain clinic secretary, tel:  01689 866007

Orpington Hospital

Tel: 01689 866111

Beckenham Beacon

Tel: 01689 866633

For GPs

To refer to our outpatient chronic pain clinics:

  • GPs should use NHS e-Referral only
  • Other health professionals can refer by emailing kch-tr.br-referrals@nhs.net. Send one referral per email and include patient and GP practice details.