We understand that it can be difficult not being able to visit your loved ones in hospital. With support from our Volunteers team, we have set up a service to allow you to bring in personal items that can be passed on to patients on our wards.

Drop-off locations

This service is available at both the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and King’s College Hospital. You can drop off items at the below locations at the times listed seven days a week:

Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH)
Time slot: 9am to 12pm
Drop-off point: Main entrance at the main reception desk

King’s College Hospital
Time slots: 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm
Drop-off point: Main entrance, Hambleden Wing, opposite the helpdesk

How it works

Our volunteers will label the items you bring in and make sure they reach the right person. If you are in touch with your loved one, you can also arrange to pick something up from them via the drop-off point at an agreed date and time during the time slots above.

If you are collecting items from hospital please ensure that you do the following once you get home:

  • wash any clothes on the highest possible temperature
  • wipe down items with antiseptic wipes
  • for items that cannot be wiped down, quarantine them for 3 days
  • wash your hands properly after handling the items for a minimum of 20 seconds

Please limit the items you bring in to one bag and note the following restrictions on items:

Items allowed

  • clothing
  • toiletries
  • books, magazines, games, puzzles
  • tablet or phone
  • cards

Items not allowed

  • food and drink – unless it is in a sealed closed container that does not need to be refrigerated or reheated
  • medication
  • sharp items

If you have any questions about this service, please email our Volunteers team: kch-tr.volunteers@nhs.net