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We provide obstetric and midwifery care, from antenatal (before birth) to labour and postnatal (after delivery).

Booking your antenatal care

It is very important to arrange your antenatal booking appointment with one of our midwives early in pregnancy – ideally, by 10 weeks. This can help you and your baby have a healthy start to your pregnancy.

You can refer yourself to us – see the ‘Referral’ section below. We aim to arrange your first antenatal appointment within two weeks of hearing from you.

Antenatal care (before birth)

During your pregnancy, a midwife or obstetrician will see you regularly to ensure that both you and your baby are well.

We provide antenatal care at Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and Beckenham Beacon, as well as local GP surgeries and children’s centres. Scanning appointments take place at the Harris Birthright Centre at King’s College Hospital, which is an international centre of excellence for fetal medicine, and at the PRUH.

Your care includes routine health checks such as blood tests and other screenings. Your screening options are explained in a screening information leaflet, which is produced by Public Health England and available in several languages.

Specialist care

We also offer parent education sessions and a range of specialist support if you are:

  • having a multiple birth or planning a vaginal birth after a caesarean section
  • diabetic and need extra support. This is provided at our specialist clinic at the PRUH
  • diagnosed with an infectious disease during pregnancy. National screening programme leaflets about Hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis explain more.

Enhanced 12-week ultrasound scan

Your care will include an enhanced 12-week ultrasound at the Harris Birthright Centre,  King’s College Hospital. The Harris Birthright Centre is an international centre of excellence for fetal medicine. Your scan will include:

  • more detail than regular 12-week scans
  • results within an hour (elsewhere this can take 7 to 10 days)
  • the opportunity to discuss your scan results straight away with the specialist fetal medicine doctor who completed your scan
  • an assessment of your risk of having your baby too early or developing raised blood pressure
  • if your baby has an increased risk of Down’s syndrome, you can have a fetal DNA (Harmony) test for this. Normally, this is only available privately. Performing this test avoids the need for the standard, more invasive test.

Birth (labour)

You can choose where to give birth. Your options are:

  • at home, if your pregnancy is assessed as low risk
  • at the midwife-led Oasis Birth Centre. This has six beds and a range of facilities including birthing pools, shower rooms and a communal lounge for families.
  • on the Maternity ward.

The Maternity ward and Oasis Birth Centre are in Princess Royal University Hospital’s Maternity Department, on level 3 of the South wing.

If you think you are in labour

Call the Maternity Helpline for support and advice from experienced midwives. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including bank (public) holidays:

Maternity Helpline: tel 01689 864189

If the phone is engaged and your call is urgent, please contact either the Oasis Birth Centre or the Delivery suite, depending on where you are planning to give birth:

If your pregnancy is overdue

If your pregnancy is overdue you may need to be induced. Induction of labour – post dates (overdue) pregnancies (pdf) leaflet gives you information about the process and explains your choices.

After birth (postnatal)

The most comfortable place for you to be after your baby is born is in your own home, where you can be together as a family. So, if you have given birth at the Princess Royal and everything has gone well, we encourage you to go home within a few hours of delivery. A midwife will visit you the next day and you will be given emergency contact numbers to call if you have any worries.

You can have your postnatal care at one of our hospitals, in the community or at home. It includes regular check-ups for you and your baby and support with breast feeding.

PRUH Maternity Voices, Bromley

PRUH Maternity Voices, Bromley, is an NHS working group led by an independent service user. Our work is focused on the feedback we receive from those using PRUH maternity services.

We are an advisory group made up of individuals coming together as equals, with a mutual interest in improving maternity services for anyone giving birth at the PRUH and their families.

The group is made up of:

  • anyone giving birth at the PRUH and their partners
  • service user advocates, such as doulas and antenatal educators
  • community organisations and charity representatives
  • midwives and obstetricians
  • other healthcare professionals working in maternity services
  • students
  • commissioners
  • members of public health and local council
  • other strategic partners

If you would like to share your experience of using the maternity services at the PRUH please complete this survey.

For more information, to join the committee or to feed back about your experience, you can email us at


  • To refer yourself, fill in the PRUH antenatal self-referral form. When you open the form please click ‘Enable Editing’ at the top so you can fill in the form. Please send completed forms as a Word attachment to You will receive an email with your appointment details within 7 working days. If you have not received your appointment within 7 working days, please call us on 020 3910 7279, 8am to 4pm. Please note we may contact and share information with other health professionals as required. 
  • Bromley GPs should use the Referrals Optimisation Tool to refer patients, although self-referral should be encouraged. GPs from other boroughs, and other health professionals, should complete the GP referral form, and email it to

Contact details

First appointment queries

Antenatal clinics

Labour and delivery wards

If you think you are in labour, call the Maternity Helpline for support and advice from experienced midwives. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including bank (public) holidays.

If the Maternity Helpline is engaged and your call is urgent, please contact either the Oasis Birth Centre or the Delivery Suite, depending on where you are planning to give birth: